What Are Friday Funnies, Flops, and Fails? These are the misadventures of a homeschooling week. The bad, the ugly, and the downright funny. Why Are You Sharing Your Homeschool Fails? I am reviewing a class for homeschooling parents from Only Passionate Curiosity. One of the things mentioned in the course is that everyone uses social media to promote the good in their homeschool. Everyone’s house (on Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter) is fully manicured, their children always on best behavior, lessons completed on time with extra wonderful activities showing how extraordinarily creative they all are. But imagine the reaction if you are a mom whoRead More →

How do you teach your child to reduce radicals? No, this is not advanced nuclear chemistry or using a shrink ray on protesters in the streets. It really is math, well, part of algebra for our purposes. The new idea your child in this lesson focuses on the concept of a monomial that is a perfect square. Now my test subjects (son and daughter) were divided on the issue of whether the explanation on the worksheet was sufficient today, so I am adding a more visual explanation of a monomial that is a perfect square here for you to do with your child as anRead More →