My son loves elephants and so this week he worked his way through  lesson in ArtAchieve, an online art curriculum we are currently reviewing. How did he get the super-bright colors for the background? Tune in again to find out more… until then it is a mystery but you might just find the same paints used in other pictures on the Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop! If you would like to see what other wonderful art homeschoolers made this week, hop over to the Virtual Refrigerator hosted by some friends from the Homeschool Review Crew! Feel Free to Share with Your Friends!31Read More →

​Taking A Sunday Drive Thru The Gospels – A Review of Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” from Drive Thru History® What Is It? Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” is a DVD set and accompanying study guide from Drive Thru History® which tells the story of the life of Jesus in a way you have never experienced. It is wonderful for children and adults and perfect to be shared together as a family. Will It Enhance Your Homeschool? Absolutely. If your children love unit studies, Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”, with it’s study guide can be the keystone of a unit study on theRead More →

​A Puzzle For Mom – A Review of Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316 What Is It? Puzzle games for your smart phone are really common. They are mostly the same thing: a puzzle that helps you occupy a bit of time. But the Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316 offers deeper levels of play that keeps you coming back each day. I even found myself looking forward to the time I would have to myself in the evening to play. Will It Enhance Your Homeschool? This puzzle game is made by a company that produces other homeschooled-focused products like Charley Church Mouse Bible Adventures andRead More →

The Ocean & Deep Dark Holes | A Quick Science Unit Study Let’s start the week off with a bit of mystery and fun. Take a look at how deep and dark the hole that is our water-filled ocean goes… You could use this as a fun aside, or the start of a unit study on oceans or marine life, or simply a “Hey, Kids! Come over here and look at this utterly cool thing!” This is great for any age kid, and homeschooling moms too!     Ocean Art Activity And art always goes better with music to go with it. You could putRead More →

How about some warm, fresh pretzels, hot out of the oven with butter melting on them? Warm and soft and crunchy and salty all at the same time. How can you say no? All it takes is about an hour and you could have some sitting on your kitchen table! This recipe is for the kind of pretzels that my grandmother would get from the baker in her small German town in Bavaria. Down there a lot of the people speak a dialect of German called Schwabische, and so I call these pretzels Schwabische-style. Und So, Gangewirloss! (Gehen Wir Loss for those of you whoRead More →

5 ​Days of Homeschooling Twins – Part of the 5 Days of Homeschooling Blog Hop Enjoy The Ride! ​This week in my Homeschooling with Twins series, I opened up the can of worms to look at some things that sometimes make us uncomfortable. We talked about coming to terms with that twin bond that sometimes leaves you to play second fiddle (or maybe even third) ways to break through the noise of twins gaining respect and the good kind of authority stepping aside and letting your twins help each other Now that is done, let’s focus on the good stuff. The only thing more joyfulRead More →

5 ​Days of Homeschooling Twins – Part of the 5 Days of Homeschooling Blog Hop Let them help each other – they may even know best Every parent has that moment when they cannot reach their child. Whatever you try, it does no good. Your child still does not understand. You start trying different approaches but then your child reaches the limit of his young patience and now you are stuck! Sometimes A Twin Understands, When You Don’t I learned, by listening to my kids, that the power of twinship is that close, close relationship. They know each other much more closely and fully thanRead More →

5 ​Days of Homeschooling Twins – Part of the 5 Days of Homeschooling Blog Hop ​How to Become the Authority Figure – and do you even want to 5 Days of Homeschooling Twins a contribution to the 5 Days of Homeschooling Blog Hop hosted by my friends at the Homeschool Review Crew. Yesterday I looked at how you can fit into that strong relationship your twins have with each other without destroying their relationship with you and your happy homeschool. Today let’s look at how you can become the authority figure, and if you even want to go there. But first, what does it meanRead More →