Watercolor Wishes And Ukrainian Cats

Watercolor Wishes And Ukrainian Cats

A Watercolor WishWe had a great art week. My daughter decided to embark on an adventure in watercolor and my son joined me in trying out an art lesson at Art Achieve called the Ukrainian Cat.

Taking art one step furtherI had planned to do the art lesson alone, but my son saw me coloring and offered to write a poem about the cat. So the cat became a collaboration and next week he wants to try drawing himself.

All in all, a great homeschooling art week!

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Note: the Round Up link goes live Friday, May 5

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  • Kelly Kiggins-Lund

    I LOVE the cat! Of course, we own three cats so I may be biased. LOL! I think it is wonderful that your son saw an opportunity to improve the art by adding poetry, which is another form of art. Your daughter did an amazing job with her watercolor picture as well! I love her use of color and space.

    • Kirsten West

      Thanks! I love it when my kids stretch their creative wings. That may be one of the best parts of homeschooling…

  • Kym Thorpe

    Love the cat, and I love that he offered to write the poem to go with it! Thanks for sharing these projects on the Virtual Fridge!

    • Kirsten West

      You are very welcome! Thanks for hosting the Virtual Fridge!

  • I want that picture blown up so I can read his poem! So nice that he wrote it to go with the cat. 🙂

    • Kirsten West

      I will redo it with the poem this week…

  • Kirsten West