I is for Inside Our Souls

I is for Inside Our Souls

‘Inside Our Souls’ is Week 9 of Blogging Through the Alphabet

26 Keys to My Happy Marriage.

We all live inside our souls.

We feel like we are present in this world and that I is for Inside Our Soulsmaterial objects (like that all-important morning cup of coffee) are critical to our happiness. But I think not.

When you think about consider it, inside is where we all live. Yes, we live inside houses and inside city limits (most of us), and even inside our country. But inside our own heads is where we all spend every one of our days.

I don’t mean that we are all introverted, because that is obviously not true. I mean that the point from which we view the world and interact with everything is inside our heads.

It is from inside our heads that we can change others.

Strange, right?!

But we cannot change others by simply observing them. I have taken plenty of quantum physics courses in my time and, really, the cliche of, ”Even when we observe something at a quantum level we change it just by virtue of the act of our observation,” really is a cliche that too many scientist/mouthpieces have made popular. Yes, that is true at a quantum level, but the space in which we actually live is inside our heads.

I suspect that living inside our heads is really living inside our souls. It is from that vantage point that we marry our sweethearts. It is from inside our souls that we pledge ourselves to each other in sickness and in health, richer or poorer, for eternity. And it is from inside our souls that we reside here and, I suspect, for ever after.

So how does this strange thought experiment relate to marriage?

Try just being with your husband for a bit this week. What do I mean? Here are some ideas:

  • Find him about the house this weekend and just sit in the chair next to him for a while, doing your own thing. Not talking or making noise.
  • Bring him a glass of water and a smile when he is outside doing spring yard work.
  • When it is time for dinner, take him a fork-full to taste as a way of telling him that the food is ready.
  • Get up early and get breakfast ready and bring it to him in bed with no fanfare or chit-chat.
  • Smile at him every time he walks into the room.
  • Greet him at the front door or on the porch when he gets home from work. Take his workbag from the car for him and walk inside together.

Do You Have Any Ideas to Add?

Why is it worth engaging in this strange thinking?

I think that looking at old relationships in new ways can help you to understand more deeply and by understanding, you can nurture and enhance your marriage. After all, if you have pledged yourselves to each other for eternity, it is going to get really tedious eventually unless you have figured out how to communicate soul-to-soul.

Marriage is Sharing from Inside Our Souls

I think that considering our marriage to another as a bonding of our souls can help us to reset our expectations. We do not need that diamond ring, or vacation to Hawaii, or even that new washing machine or a new television set to be happy.

 When I am with my husband, for those few precious minutes of the day without children or other bits of life interrupting, I feel that our souls are touching. We don’t need to talk (even though I love to chat). We are here together, just as we always will be.

 What our souls really need is to make other souls happy. To be together. To help another. To love and be loved.

 All from inside our souls.

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