Abandon can be Joyful

Abandon can be Joyful

Abandon. This word causes my mind to drift immediately to Joy and FreedomAbandon can be Joyful… and then to my children.

Before we entered the ‘time of troubles’ – the time that left them both defeated and afraid and traumatized and is the big reason for our lifestyle today, my children lived every waking moment in a state of joyful abandon. They were constantly engaged in lengthy discussions and plans and general twin-chats from the time they woke early in the morning until they fell asleep at night. They live in that state of abandon in my memories. Racing through the kitchen on roller skates or in the midst of scooter races through the whole house. Running in the yard, playing with their shared imaginary friends and making cakes and stews out of sand and mud and leaves and, of course, all my husband’s favorite flowers.

Abandon is the state my children grew up in. A state of wonder and happiness that we are finally able to get back to now that ‘the troubles’ are fading in the rear view of memory.

This is a five minute Friday post with the word prompt for the day brought to you by Kate: Abandon.  Five Minute Friday is a group of people who gather on Friday to do a five minute free writing session around a word prompt.  Then we share what we have written and offer encouragement. Why not join us?

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  • Brenda Prince

    It’s great that you can see a word that can typically have negative connotations and make it positive 🙂

  • A good thing to have joyful abandon back