Abandon. This word causes my mind to drift immediately to Joy and Freedom… and then to my children. Before we entered the ‘time of troubles’ – the time that left them both defeated and afraid and traumatized and is the big reason for our lifestyle today, my children lived every waking moment in a state of joyful abandon. They were constantly engaged in lengthy discussions and plans and general twin-chats from the time they woke early in the morning until they fell asleep at night. They live in that state of abandon in my memories. Racing through the kitchen on roller skates or in theRead More →

Reviewing the month of food purchases there were some interesting events this month. There are some patterns to food pricing that the dedicated cheapskate can take advantage of if one is aware o the opportunities. If you shop at the discount side of the food markets there are patterns around the first and the fifteenth of each month. You will see discounts in certain foods in the week ahead of these dates. Here at DoodleMom world headquarters we consume a lot of pork and chicken. One factor is that these proteins, together with eggs, are usually fairly inexpensive. The other factor is that Walmart inRead More →