A Window To My Son’s Soul

A Window To My Son’s Soul

A Window To My Son’s Soul

A Window to My Son's SoulMy son so badly wants to create that painting of a knight in shining armor that is in fact an advanced lesson in the Creating A Masterpiece online art lessons. He has been working diligently each week and enjoying every moment as he learns new techniques in drawing and painting with pencil, gesso, gouache, and acrylic.

If I had told him ahead of time that the lesson was quite advanced and that perhaps he would have trouble, I am certain he never wold have made it through the lesson. And if he had struggled through then he definitely wouldn’t have created such a wonderful set of pictures.

I found myself staring at his most recent sketch, made just prior to transferring his knight drawing to a prepared board. I had propped it up in front of the TV across the living room so that our homeschool-envious cat wouldn’t eat it (sounds funny but he has done it before).

The picture is wonderful. I think it is the knight that my son would like to be. In his soul he is a warrior and always has been. This knight is a picture of the warrior he will become. His knight is faceless, his face will be in the shadows. My son says he is praying before the battle.

I love this warrior. The beauty of it lies in my son’s vision of his inner self which shines forth in that warrior.

And now I look in anticipation at the painting in progress – currently covered in a deep blue layer of gouache paint, the transferred drawing of the knight barely peeking through the blue.

And I cannot wait for what he will do in the next lesson!

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  • Lisa T

    Great job! We have learned many new things by using Creating a Masterpiece.

    • Kirsten West

      I agree, it is a really great set of courses!

  • Kym Thorpe

    The sketch is great! I like how you described this project as a glimpse into your son’s soul and his longing to be the knight in his picture. Thanks for sharing it on the Virtual Fridge – I’m looking forward to seeing his finished piece!

  • EXCELLENT… I really liked it AND I liked how you set the stage. Well done. 🙂