My Purpose is Not a Porpoise

My Purpose is Not a Porpoise

My Purpose is not a PorpoisePurpose is a word that is hard for me to spell and often comes out Porpoise on my keyboard. The reason, I am not certain. Except that I have always loved the ocean and all its creatures. When I was a child, long before the Internet, I would collect every scrap of newspaper article or magazine which contained a bit of information about an ocean creature. I then began collecting the information into 3 by 5 cards which led to a full blown catalog of newly discovered marine species.

I thought for sure and certain that this was my calling. My family were convinced I would be a scientist and so off I went to Whale School (in Puget Sound) for a summer followed by college with the aim of becoming a marine biologist.

Once a few semesters passed by, I realized that I loved physics more that marine science, switched majors and continued with a kind tutor (who would become my husband eventually) on my path towards professorship. After all – why else did I have that unerring desire to catalog whale discoveries as a child?

Well, I was wrong. After getting a Masters in applied physics working on instrument design for future space junk, and a PhD in biophysics unearthing and quantifying a minute detail from the fabric of life, I discovered this was not for me.

But I love to organize, so what was my calling? What was my purpose?

I realize now that I have finally found my purpose. This is the life that was intended for me all along. I was created to be a homeschooling mom. We organize constantly. We direct. We investigate. We push ourselves to understand what was previously unexplainable. We are loving. We are kind. And We try very, very hard to always be patient. We are thrifty and innovative with what we are given. We become so adept we can turn absolutely anything into a homeschooling moment for our children.

And THAT is our purpose!

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  • wow… I really enjoyed that post. 🙂 Good read it was. good to be reminded of our purpose.

    • Kirsten West

      Thank you! It really is a tough challenge – especially if you are like focus-challenged like me!

  • This is great. I’m a little envious of the homeschool moms who get to actually be home, making every moment a learned one for their children. I work full time and homeschool and well, it’s challenging. Stopping in from #12 this week. Blessings!

    • Kirsten West

      I cannot imagine how hard that is! I do have a business I started about 20 years ago, but I reduced it and changed focus so that I could spend the time homeschooling when I realized I couldn’t make it work. I am in awe of how you not only work, and homeschool, but also diligently blog and comment on others blog posts. I actually think to myself that if you can do all that, I certainly should be able to as well. Thank you!

  • Lisa McClanahan

    This has also been my purpose for many years.

    • Kirsten West