‘Good’ is Week 7 of Blogging Through the Alphabet 26 Keys to My Happy Marriage. How can you define ‘Good’? The Cambridge Dictionary counts , but the meaning most applicable is that “Good is a force that produces morally right action.” This is the definition I think of when I say, “My marriage is good.” My husband and I bound each other together in marriage to produce morally right action for ourselves and our children. But ‘Good’ has a tremendous number of definitions. Used as an adjective it can mean pleasant, satisfactory, healthy, high quality, successful, kind, morally right, positive, suitable, large, or satisfactory. When ‘Good’Read More →

Erik Demaine is a true hero in our homeschooling household. My children were first introduced to him years ago through a documentary about origami called “Between the Folds“. They loved this documentary and we watched it over and over and over. It is perfect for any child, at any age. Erik Demaine stood out from the rest of the origamists featured in the documentary. He is a fun-loving, ferociously smart adult who was homeschooled by his father, entered college very early and is now teaching at MIT and studying the applications of origami folding to protein structure. The way he explains truly complex topics isRead More →

My son is a wonderful artist but the human figure has always eluded him. No matter how much time he spent trying to draw people, they never turn out. He can draw the most amazing landscapes, and trees, and skies, but never a man. And then we began reviewing the Creating A Masterpiece art classes. He set his sights on a painting of a knight. This is partly because he really likes the contrast in the painting, but mostly because he loves knights – their weapons and armor and most especially their code of honor. So after watching the video about sketching your knight figure,Read More →

‘Finding Our Way’ is Week 6 of Blogging Through the Alphabet 26 Keys to My Happy Marriage. F is for finding our way – together. Every day my husband and I work towards finding our way together as husband and wife. Often my husband will lace up his boots, put on his cap, grab keys and wallet and toss me a, “leaving,” over his shoulder as he steps out the front door. Sometimes I know where he is going. Other times I have absolutely no clue. When we were first married, this bothered me a great deal. I wanted to know everything about him, his activities,Read More →

The first three Doodles Do Algebra books in this unique curriculum series, covering pre-algebra through division of polynomials, are now available in paperback. The books are printed on 8.5 by 11 inch paper so that your child has plenty of room to write and the text is large enough to easily read.  Topics Covered in Starting Out With Mental Algebra (Book 1) This first in the Doodles Do Algebra series is focused on Mental Math and is designed as the first step to learning Algebra for your child. The philosophy is focused on helping your child to think about abstracting and grouping items in orderRead More →

How Do I Find Literature With A Strong Moral Compass… Why Should I Look For Good Literature for My Kids? Books help us develop a moral compass. I think that after the effects of mother and father on a child, books are the next most important source of morality (unless you let your children watch TV). Books feed your child’s imagination. They develop critical thinking skills and reading good books will enable your child to write masterfully. We all are built to copy what we see and hear around us and reading good literature leads your child to naturally copy the writing styles as well asRead More →

Comfort Ye. Part of the “Words of Hope” Monthly Blog Hop The words “Comfort Ye” have been running through my head the last couple of weeks. Over and over they appear, every time I feel stressed or behind the curve or at a loss for what to do next. Till recently everything in my daily life was under control. And then I tried to add one more activity into my plans. It was something that I really needed to do, but had been putting off. Boy, did I overextend myself! I realized that I went from happy and content and under control with homeschooling andRead More →

‘Elephant Seal’ is Week 5 of Blogging Through the Alphabet 26 Keys to My Happy Marriage. You might be wondering how elephant seals are a key to helping me maintain a happy marriage. Well, as long as I have known my husband, which is a bit more than 3 decades, we have never seen an elephant seal.  For me, elephant seals are a reminder not to bark for trouble. When I was little, about 4 or so, my parents took us to see the elephant seals at the beach. We lived in Palo Alto in those days and it seemed like an eternity of a carRead More →