Erik Demaine is a true hero in our homeschooling household. My children were first introduced to him years ago through a documentary about origami called “Between the Folds“. They loved this documentary and we watched it over and over and over. It is perfect for any child, at any age. Erik Demaine stood out from the rest of the origamists featured in the documentary. He is a fun-loving, ferociously smart adult who was homeschooled by his father, entered college very early and is now teaching at MIT and studying the applications of origami folding to protein structure. The way he explains truly complex topics isRead More →

My son is a wonderful artist but the human figure has always eluded him. No matter how much time he spent trying to draw people, they never turn out. He can draw the most amazing landscapes, and trees, and skies, but never a man. And then we began reviewing the Creating A Masterpiece art classes. He set his sights on a painting of a knight. This is partly because he really likes the contrast in the painting, but mostly because he loves knights – their weapons and armor and most especially their code of honor. So after watching the video about sketching your knight figure,Read More →

How Do I Find Literature With A Strong Moral Compass… Why Should I Look For Good Literature for My Kids? Books help us develop a moral compass. I think that after the effects of mother and father on a child, books are the next most important source of morality (unless you let your children watch TV). Books feed your child’s imagination. They develop critical thinking skills and reading good books will enable your child to write masterfully. We all are built to copy what we see and hear around us and reading good literature leads your child to naturally copy the writing styles as well asRead More →

Comfort Ye. Part of the “Words of Hope” Monthly Blog Hop The words “Comfort Ye” have been running through my head the last couple of weeks. Over and over they appear, every time I feel stressed or behind the curve or at a loss for what to do next. Till recently everything in my daily life was under control. And then I tried to add one more activity into my plans. It was something that I really needed to do, but had been putting off. Boy, did I overextend myself! I realized that I went from happy and content and under control with homeschooling andRead More →

I Was Terrified to Homeschool When I first set out to homeschool our children I was terrified. I did not know where to turn for advice. I had family who thought that I would harm my children socially and scholastically if my husband and I set forth on the homeschooling path. If it were not for conditions in our local schools and the support of my husband (who advocated homeschooling from the time our kids were born), I would have never been able to make that transition. After many, many hours reading and planning and worrying, we made the leap. At first it seemed horribly hard –Read More →

Angels in the City is the title of this painting. I have never done a virtual fridge, and so if I don’t get it quite right please bear with me. My daughter made this one last night (it was actually at a time that I thought she was in bed – but chalk that up to the flexibilities of homeschooling teens). She used pencil, ink pen, Crayola markers (the really cheap kind that come in a big box) and water applied with Q-Tips to create a ‘poor-man’s watercolor’ (as she described it to me). …and Thank You to for hosting this Virtual Fridge Linkup! FeelRead More →

This past week the regular purchases returned to normal, represented by one trip to Costco where I spent about $75 on what is for us a typical market basket. Costco had pork chops on sale for well under $2 per pound and sliced turkey lunch meat for about 30% off. I did not exactly back up the truck for this as we are still trying to get back to normal after the end of the year expenses. I will write about the other factor that influences my buying decisions more in the future and that is our goal to have a buffer inventory of foodRead More →

Waiting for the sun. For me, the rising sun is a precious moment each day that pulls me in close to my faith. It is a time for me and God, and my orange cat, to share. Every morning, our little orange cat eagerly dances about me as I stumble to the kitchen in the predawn quiet in order to find caffeine and convince my eyes to focus. He urges me, in cat-like fashion, to open all the curtains as quickly as I can and then he races from one end of the house to the other, across furniture and bouncing on the sleeping dogRead More →