A bottle, a penny, and the freezer

A bottle, a penny, and the freezer

This morning I opened my email to find the monthly newsletter (or Lab Notes) from E=McQ. I subscribe to a number of science-related email newsletters and more often than not, we run across a fun idea. Today was no exception.

The idea is a hands-on activity to get kids thinking about heat and energy. Here is the link to the worksheet and the link to the website in case you want to sign up for the Lab Notes emails.

Like everything, there are parts of other people’s science activities and teachings that I disagree with and consequently ignore. Just like omitting phrases from books as I read them aloud if I decide my children are too young or if I simply don’t agree with the message, I cull through science activities from a large number of sources and then tailor projects to suit my children and myself. After all, isn’t that one of the perks of homeschooling?

Our plastic bottles are cooling in the freezer as I write this and we are waiting with pennies in our pockets, in hopes that the activity works and pennies will fly “like magic” tonight!


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